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TaxiTransport Antwerp Taxi and taxi services in the greater Antwerp region and beyond. Professional transportation, smooth, safe and comfortable from your starting point to your destination.

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Courier service


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TaxiTransport Antwerp your ideal partner for the transport of all your packages large and small, confidential documents, urgent deliveries to the recipient 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Courier service

Taxi courier

We transport all your parcels, large packages, important documents directly from you to the delivery address. This both for Belgiumë as international.
The price is mainly calculated per distance, only in a second place do we look at the number of packages or packages.
In our minibuses we receive the contents of 2 full pallets as standard. Everything we transport is neatly stacked and/or secured against breakage. We handle all your goods with care
As an Antwerp taxi company, we feel like a fish in water in our port. Some vehicle documents, customs documents, ... sometimes have to be delivered quickly. Time is money! Your documents are always delivered to the right person, to the recipient.
We can also step in during busy periods as extra capacity for your own transport and we become your (temporary) transport partner. We are flexible. Deliveries are also possible on weekends, 24 on 24.

Each package is unique to us

Your goods are handled with great care

Each package, parcel, colli,... is neatly stacked in such a way that it does not move during transport. Depending on the goods, we provide the right means of transport. Our courier service is for both companies and individuals. We only work with motivated employees who are customer-oriented.

We drive from the pick-up point to the delivery address. Direct transport means time savings. Of course, we can also pick up and drop off goods at various locations on request about an advanced navigation system in real time to optimize the time span and the kilometers driven.

Are you a parcel service yourself and do you have a shortage of capacity on peak days? We can temporarily help you to get all your parcels delivered on time.

your courier is on the way

Courier services Antwerp

From our Antwerp home base, we are centrally located at the port and within an hour's drive we reach airports, ships, train stations, offices, hotels, industrial parks, stranded drivers on car parks, ...etc.

  • We drive nationally and internationally
  • Always correct delivery of your package or documents
  • Urgent deliveries are possible
  • Both for small packages and large or multiple cartons
  • We also drive to the quay in the ports, to the ships
  • We personally deliver confidential matters to the right person
  • We personally deliver confidential matters to the right person
  • Flexible routes with multiple pick-up and delivery addresses are possible
  • Prices agreed in advance, customized quote is possible
  • Bringing a combination of employees with packages or material to their destination

Would you like more information about our courier service or a non-binding offer?